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The Science of Ice

There’s more to making ice than just frozen water. Here at Aloyakh, we’re always trying to make better, colder, cleaner ice, so your drinks taste better and chill faster. of Ice

  • Water in Motion

    Our unique process freezes water in motion, allowing the pure water to freeze first and any remaining "impurities" to run off.

  • Keeping Cool

    Aloyakh is hard frozen and lasts longer. By freezing water in motion, our process doesn't trap any air in the ice resulting in a solid piece ice that will last longer.

  • Pure Freezes First

    One of the basic laws of nature is that pure water will freeze at 32 degrees. Water containing impurities and foreign debris will have a lower freezing point.

  • Clearer is Better

    Aloyakh's various filtration methods accompanied by our unique freezing process results in the production of crystal clear ice frozen from pure water.

  • Multiple Purification

    Aloyakh utilizes multiple filtration processes to ensure that only pure water is used in the production of our ice.

  • No Snow

    "Snow" in a bag of ice is like mortar for bricks. We remove the snow to keep our ice loose and ready to use.

Why AloYakh?

AloYakh is more than just frozen water

We're willing to bet we've thought about ice more than you have. That's because we're passionate about making the healthiest, best tasting ice out there, and we've developed a process that produces cleaner, clearer ice than homemade. Think of our ice as bottled water in a bag!

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